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There are many reasons to tint your vehicle. Some may tint their vehicle for looks, others may tint for heat reduction, and still others may tint for various health reasons.  Here at Car Effex we can accommodate to which ever reason you may have to tint your vehicle. We use Johnson Window Film, which in fact would satisfy all of your reasons to tint your vehicle. When it comes to appearance Johnson provides us with four different shades of tint 50%, 35%, 20%(Comparable to Factory Tint), and lastly 5%(Comparable to Limo Tint). Any of Johnson’s shades will deflect 50% of incoming heat to keep your car cooler on hot days, and it deflects 99% of harmful UV Rays.We also carry Johnson’s InsulatIR Ceramic Film.


*All back windows tinted in one piece*

*Limited lifetime warranty on film*

Products Price
Full detail- Car $175
Full detail- Truck/SUV $200
Two front roll down windows $75
Full tint- 2 door car $180
Back half tint- 2 door car $120
Full tint- 4 door car $220
Back half tint-4 door car $180
Full tint- 4 door SUV $240
Windshield strip $35
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